We provide a clean, simple and user-friendly platform to view and list a wide range of small business events happening in local community, whether you are looking for information on business networking events, seminars, open house, farmers market, toastmaster meetings, non-profit fund-raising activities or local retailers’ sales of the week.

We make it incredibly easy to create, find or attend a small business event.  We set you up with the tools to help your event spread virtually through social networks. It’s event management, search, and promotion all coming together!

Event organizers can post events on the site for free; or for a small charge ($10 per event), you can create a featured listing for your premier business events. Of course running relevant advertisements are certainly welcome on board as well. We are also available for hire for your future event website needs with an affordable solution.

Consider SmallBusinessEvents.ca an ultimate promotional tool for small businesses, non-profits and individuals to manage their events. Event promoters, business owners, non-profits or anyone with an event worthy of attention may upload their events to our site for free or for a small fee. Your events will be viewed by thousands of daily visitors to the site. We are dedicated to engage consumers, create awareness and generate ticket sales for events.

There are many great event calendars managed by the local small business associations or non-profits organizations and event organizers, none of them had all the events. Originally this event calendar was built for our own use  to keep track of which small business events were coming up and were of interest to us.