Develop a Powerful Self-introduction in Business Networking Events

Introducing your business and being introduced are necessary parts of networking in all situations, whether it is a specific networking event, a business meeting or a social gathering. Introducing yourself memorably is a skill worth perfecting. Below are some general questions to answer and rules to consider when developing an effective and powerful self introduction. Hope this helps.

  • State your name and company:
    Consider using only your first name if your last is difficult to pronounce or remember
  • Briefly describe your business and how your product or service benefits your customers?
    Be concise and brief yet make it enticing enough that your listeners will want to know more.
    Focus ONLY on the benefits to your customers not on the features of your company or products/service.
  • What do you do for your customers that they may not receive from a competitor?
    What makes you and your company unique?
  • What type of businesses and clients do you currently work with and which would you like to?
    Identify your target and prospective markets
  • Your ideal customer would be:
    Be specific. You don’t know who your listener knows and may be able to put you in contact with.

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