What is SmallBusinessEvents.ca?

Small Business Events is the only event listing service in Canada where you can list your small business events for free. We provide a clean, simple and user-friendly platform to view and list a wide range of small business events happening in local community. Consider SmallBusinessEvents.ca an ultimate promotional tool for small businesses, non-profits and individuals to manage their events.

Where do you get all these events that are listed?

Most of the events you will find on SmallBusinessEvents.ca have been listed by small businesses, non-profits and individuals like you. Occasionally we do search local business community for events that we feel are of a particular interest to our visitors.

How much does it cost to list my event on SmallBusinessEvents.ca?

Small Business Events provides free listing service to any types of small business, non-profits, charities and individuals. We do offer a featured event listing service which costs only $10 per event, providing you extra exposure to your audiences.

Does it cost anything to use or join?

SmallBusinessEvents.ca is free to view and list your events. We do provide a featured event listing service at only $10 per event.

How do I list an event?

  1. Click the “Submit Event” button located at the top-right corner of each page,
  2. If you are a returning user, you can click login. If you are a new user, create a free account using your email address.
  3. Accurately fill in your event details including specific locations, dates & time. Make sure to add pictures including your “Organizer Picture”.
  4. Select the listing package you desire (basic or featured), then submit your event.
  5. Review your listing, if necessary, go back and edit it using the link that says “go back and edit”. DO NOT hit the BACK button on your browser, you will lose your information and will be forced to enter it again.
  6. Approve your listing or cancel your listing
  7. Once you submit your event, if you choose to have a free listing, your event will be published automatically on the site; if you choose to have a featured listing, you will be directed to PayPal page to complete the online transition. If the transition is successful, your event will be published automatically as well.

Does it cost to add my event to more than one category

No. You can list your event under different category. It is suggested to only list your events under related category. Otherwise, your event might be removed manually.

Can I add commercial events?

Yes. To get the maximum exposure, it is highly recommended to register your event as a featured event which will be marked as “Featured” and it will be listed on top of each category.

Feature your event at only $10 dollars. Featured events get special attention as they’re highlighted prominently on the home page and shown at the top of the listings for each event category.

Just choose “Featured Listing – $10” package before submitting your event.

How do I modify or delete an event record I created?

Please login to your account with your email address and password. Once logged in, you will see a link that reads “Dashboard”. Click the “Dashboard” link and then click “edit” or “Delete” as needed.

How do I modify or delete an event record someone else created?

If you see an event that is incorrectly listing your product and service, contact us and we will work quickly to resolve your issue.

I found duplicate events. What should I do?

You can login to your account -> Dashboard, find the event that is duplicate then click “Delete

What are the dimensions of the pictures featured on the event listings and the homepage “slider”?

The dimensions of the pictures in those spaces are 585 pixels Wide x 400 pixels High

Why do some of the featured pictures on the website look so good but mine don’t?

Experienced users only use high resolution images that are at 585 pixels H  x  400 pixels W. You can use a photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop to constrain and crop your images before uploading them to your event. Pictures that are smaller/larger than 585 pixels W x 400 pixels H will be stretched or cropped to accommodate the image size. Remember, the better your pictures look, the better your event looks. Should you want to ensure your event listing is perfect, we offers photo editing services at reasonable rates, please contact us for more info.

If some one is doing something against your Terms of Service, what should I do?

Please contact us immediately and tell us the username and pages URL/link where they are doing things against our Terms of Service.

How do I cancel/delete my account?

Email a removal request to info@smallbusinessevents.ca with your user name and password.

What are your Terms of Service?

Our terms of service are located HERE.